WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 05: U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to members of the media prior to his departure from the White House July 5, 2019 in Washington, DC. President Trump and the first lady will spend their weekend at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

President Trump says his administration will no longer deal with the top British diplomat to the United States, after leaked cables reportedly revealed the U.K. ambassador to the U.S. had called Mr. Trump “inept” and “insecure.” In the cables, published in the Daily Mail Sunday, U.K. Ambassador Kim Darroch specifically criticized the Trump administration’s approach to Iran as “incoherent” and “chaotic.” 

Mr. Trump tweeted his frustrations Monday toward Darroch as well as outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May and suggested that he prefers interacting with the queen. It’s so far unclear what Mr. Trump’s tweets mean in a practical sense, and it’s unclear whether he consulted the State Department before severing a relationship with the ambassador of America’s strongest ally. 

“I have been very critical about the way the U.K. and Prime Minister Theresa May handled Brexit,” Mr. Trump tweeted Monday afternoon. “What a mess she and her representatives have created. I told her how it should be done, but she decided to go another way. I do not know the Ambassador, but he is not liked or well…thought of within the U.S. We will no longer deal with him. The good news for the wonderful United Kingdom is that they will soon have a new Prime Minister. While I thoroughly enjoyed the magnificent State Visit last month, it was the Queen who I was most impressed with!”

Mr. Trump publicly praised May in a press conference for her leadership in dealing with Brexit during his trip to London in June. May expressed her full confidence in Darroch following the reported leak.

Darroch has served as U.K. ambassador to the U.S. since January 2016.


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