The World Cup champion U.S. women’s soccer team is being invited to the Capitol, Congress’ top Democrats said Monday.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote to colleagues Monday that “by popular demand on both sides of the aisle,” she has invited the players to the Capitol “to celebrate their inspiring victory.” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said he, too, has invited them as he lauded them on the Senate floor for their “sustained level of excellence.”

There was no immediate indication of when or if a visit might occur. Alex Morgan, who scored six goals in the tournament, said the players hadn’t discussed the invitation.

“Of course, it would be great to do something as a team together like that, but we haven’t even had time to talk about that,” she told reporters in New York on Monday.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., also praised the team’s “grit and teamwork and talent.” The U.S. team has captured the last two World Cups and has won four, more than any other country.

Many players have been leading advocates of gender equity. Star Megan Rapinoe has said she would not visit the White House if invited by President Donald Trump.

“I stand by the comments that I made about not wanting to go to the White House, with the exception of the expletive,” she said at a news conference Thursday. “My mom will be very upset about that.” 

Mr. Trump called out the U.S. women’s national team star on Twitter, referencing a video that surfaced on social media in recent days, posting: “Megan should never disrespect our Country, the White House, or our Flag, especially since so much has been done for her & the team.”

Mr. Trump said he would invite the U.S. team “win or lose.” Earlier in the week, Mr. Trump had also told The Hill that it wasn’t appropriate for Rapinoe to protest during the national anthem.

Rapinoe’s initial comments were made during an interview for a magazine in January in which she was asked if she was excited about the prospect of going to the White House. In a video excerpt of the interview posted Tuesday, she can be seen using a profanity when she says she’s not going. She also expressed doubts the team would even be invited.


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