The projectiles were simultaneously launched by a destroyer and a missile boat, hitting the target 60 kilometers away, in the estimated time.

Two MiG-31 interceptor fighters and an A-50 radar aircraft also took part in the exercises. After the A-50 tracked the launches down, the jets escorted the Mosquitos, while ready to fire air-to-air missiles at them if the command was given.

Moskit (Mosquito) is a Russian supersonic low-altitude cruise missile, designed to take on ships and other above-water vessels with a displacement of up to 20,000 tons.

It’s the only supersonic missile in the world, capable of reaching Mach 2.8 (around 3,400kph), while travelling at ultra-low altitudes.

The four-ton missile spreads its wings after launching, goes up, and then descends to 20 meters above-surface as it quickly approaches the target. The impact takes place at an altitude of just seven meters, with the Mosquito’s 400-kilogram warhead packing a serious punch.

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