Trump performed throughout the episode but was the centerpiece of the skit entitled “Donald Trump’s House of Wings” where the tycoon was pitching a fictional Buffalo wing restaurant, flanked by some unwitting future critics of his presidency: Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Seth Meyers and Kenan Thompson.

A video of the skit has garnered over two million views on Twitter in recent days, as many pondered how they had never come across it before.

“How is this the first time I’m seeing this?” Peter Spiegel, Managing Editor of the Financial Times, asked. “Can we go back to when it was like this?” news reporter Shona Murray added. “A great leader can make fun of himself…” was another wry reply.

The somewhat forgotten sketch was reportedly listed on the package for an SNL DVD release but, mysteriously, wasn’t included in the final release. 

Elsewhere in the same SNL episode, Trump traded places with comic actor Darrell Hammond and poked fun at his own gaudy tastes, mocking his own famously gold-leafed apartment as looking like a “Liberace museum.” In the skit, Trump appeared as a janitor who shows up to de-clog the world-famous golden toilet. 

“Who did your decorating, Saddam Hussein?” he quipped, before mocking his own hairpiece saying: “It looks like you killed a squirrel to me and put it right on top of your head.”

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