As many as 121 migrants onboard the Opens Arms rescue vessel have been refused entry to Maltese and Italian ports by authorities.

The founder of Opens Arms, a Spanish NGO, Oscar Camps called on EU member states to take in the 121 people on his ship.

Among those on the vessel are two babies and a further 30 minors.

Camps said he was concerned for their welfare, adding they need “medical and psychiatric assistance.”

“We will continue until the European Union changes its migration policy,” he said of the NGO’s goal.

This mission’s leader is Anabel Montes who is on the ship and unsure about what will come next for those on board.

“Little by little we are running out of food and drink for the rescued people and for us as a crew and also we are worried about the psychological state of the people we have rescued as it is worsening day by day because of the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen to them.

“Therefore, we urgently need a boarding port as quickly as possible for the safety of everyone on board.”

The ongoing migrant crisis in Europe has seen several rescue ships full of migrants arrive on the continent’s shores.

There have been ship-by-ship solutions for migrants rescued off the coast of Libya, but only if other EU countries agree to take them in.


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