Hong Kong police held a press conference on Monday about the recent protests and police operations in the city.

From August 9 to 12, the police said they arrested 149 people on charges that included illegal assembly, assaulting police and obstructing official duties.

Tang Ping-keung, Deputy Commissioner of Police, speaks at a press conference in Hong Kong on August 12, 2019. [Photo: IC]

Tang Ping-keung, Deputy Commissioner of Police, speaks at a press conference in Hong Kong on August 12, 2019. [Photo: IC]

On Sunday night, during an operation in Causeway Bay, police held 15 people who were said to be carrying illegal weapons, including laser guns, steel balls and slingshots.

They also reported that protesters attacked officers with petrol bombs during the illegal demonstrations.

The police said the use of petrol bombs is equivalent to arson, which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.

Earlier in Tsim Sha Tsui, one police officer sustained burns on both legs after being hit by a petrol bomb. And near Cheung Sha Wan, another officer was injured while chasing a bomb thrower.


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