Dutch police said on Friday that three people had been wounded in a stabbing attack on a shopping street in The Hague.

The extent of their injuries is unclear, police said.

Images posted on social media showed a number of police cars and ambulances in the road, with crowds held back behind a red-and-white cordon.

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In a separate message, Hague police said they were hunting a man aged between 45 and 50 and described him using a Dutch term often applied to people of north African descent.

Police said the man was wearing a shawl and a grey tracksuit.

A spokesperson said it was not clear whether the stabbing was a terrorist incident.

The attack took place in Grote Marktstraat, which the city’s website described as one of its most important shopping areas.

Images showed the street decked out with Christmas decorations as dozens of emergency workers stood outside a Guess shop.

It comes after two people were killed in a knife attack in London Bridge.

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