Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, Johnson called claims that the NHS was up for sale “absolute nonsense” and a “scare story.” Johnson assured viewers that he loves the NHS and believes it is “the most fantastic institution.”

When ITV’s Phillip Schofield pressed Johnson, reminding him that there is a dossier showing that the NHS was indeed on the table in trade talks, the PM snapped back, saying there are also “photographs that purport to prove that there are UFOs.”

The PM then gave a “rock solid guarantee” that the NHS would not be sold off and would be safe from predatory American health companies. It was the first time, however, that Johnson seemed to be suggesting the documents were fake.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn revealed the 451-page dossier last week, it unmasked a “plot” against the beloved NHS. The documents showed that the Trump administration allegedly demanded “full market access” for US pharmaceutical companies in the UK, which would spell the end of drug price controls.

The documents, if authentic, also reveal that Washington is seeking to amend UK patent law, which would allow US drug companies to demand higher prices for medicines. Trump in the past has complained about “unreasonably low” prices in some countries.

The media has since attempted to link the leak to Russia, citing a report compiled by a US-funded think tank which suggests the documents were spread online in a way that “resembles” other Russian “information operations” — though there is no proof that the NHS documents are either fake or have anything to do with Russia.

Corbyn dismissed claims of Russian interference as “utter nonsense” on Tuesday.

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