Liberal Democrats hope a tight race in Winchester could create an upset for the Conservatives who are trying to hold onto this constituency that voted to remain.

Some voters are now considering tactical voting – voting for a candidate other than their favourite in order to defeat an undesired candidate.

“I would normally decide on the policies and here the only viable option is to vote Lib Dem if you don’t want a Conservative MP,” Winchester voter Karen Williams told Euronews.

The Liberal Democrats, the Greens and Plaid Cymru have formed a remain electoral pact in an attempt to defeat pro-Brexit candidates.

Winchester is one of those 60 constituencies where remain-backing parties have withdrawn candidates so as not to split the vote. The Green party candidate has stepped down.

In the 2016 referendum, people in Winchester voted 59% to remain in the European Union.

Paula Ferguson, the Liberal Democrat candidate in Winchester, said that many Labour voters have told her they will vote for her.

“I honestly believe we can win this seat because there are so many Labour voters here that are saying to me, yes, I’m voting Liberal Democrat because I want to get that rotten conservative government out of Number 10,” Ferguson said.

But some voters say they don’t support tactical voting.

“Tactical voting should not happen, it should be on your conscience,” said voter Tom Polton who wants to defeat the Labour party.

Watch the report in the video player above.


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