This is the moment a fearless honey badger held its own in a vicious tug of war with a jackal for 30 minutes, and came out the victor.  

Astonishing images show the hungry duo battle it out over what appears to be a ground squirrel gripped in their jaws, each trying to tug the fresh kill away from the other’s grasp.

Following an epic skirmish, the exhausted black-backed jackal eventually gives in to its surprisingly ferocious and determined opponent – leaving the badger to enjoy its prize.

Elisabeth Ann Moss, 74, captured the images whilst visiting the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park on August 24. 

Grandmother-of-15 Ms Moss, a retired nurse, said: ‘Whilst I stood near the bird hide, a badger had caught a ground squirrel and was quickly chased by a jackal that wanted a share, if not the whole meal.

‘The badger was fearless – they are known for their strong jaws and sharp claws. This one was holding on to his prey that he had caught, and nothing would make him let go.

‘He rolled, he turned over and his teeth were locked tight. The tug of war exhausted the jackal who, after persevering for more than 30 minutes, let go exhausted.

‘The badger finished feeding on what was rightfully his.’ 

Elisabeth, from South Africa, who has been photographing wildlife for 20 years, said: ‘I have enjoyed my amateur photography, but really just for reference when looking back on people and places and flora and fauna.

‘Surprises happen all the time and each day is different. You learn to read animal behaviour. I watch and learn something new every day.

‘I have learnt that you have to go out early, not be in a rush, sit at water holes or under the shade of a tree and be patient.

‘[This image is] the best animal shot that I had ever captured, I have had a great response.’   


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