In the short clip, a young man is approached by a girl who suddenly strikes out at him. The teen tries to get up from his seat on the school bus, but is quickly pushed down, where he is punched and hit repeatedly. The girl then appears to thrust his head against the side of the bus several times. Two other students are also seen landing blows. High-pitched screaming is heard throughout the video.


The incident, which occurred in Hamilton County, Florida, dates from late November. The teen’s mother released the video of the attack on Thursday after consulting with the family’s attorney, who said in a follow-up tweet that the assault was still under investigation.

The video shows at least two girls and three boys participating in the attack. According to the boy’s mother, he was bullied for having worn a Trump 2020 hat, and the harassment didn’t end even after he stopped wearing it.

This is far from the first time that individuals have been targeted for showing their support for the president. In August, a New Jersey art gallery owner said that he was beaten up by a gang of teenagers for the ‘crime’ of wearing the pro-Trump memorabilia.

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