In a video posted to Twitter on Saturday, women and children can be seen fleeing as gunshots echo through Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, Georgia. Some take cover under tables, as others rush for exits.

Another video posted to Instagram shows crowds stampeding through the food court, apparently after a fight broke out. Security guards descend on the scene, before a shot rings out over the chaos. Slowed down, the video appears to show the gunman opening fire.

Cobb County Police confirmed afterwards that “shots were fired,” but stated that there was no “active shooter.” The gunman and his target knew each other, and the incident was “isolated to them,” the police said.

It is unclear whether anyone was killed or injured in the shooting.

Located on the northern outskirts of Atlanta, Cumberland Mall is a massive complex of 126 stores, and is usually thronged with shoppers on Saturday afternoons. The shooting there comes after an employee at Dart Container Corporation on the city’s western outskirts shot and killed a co-worker on Friday.

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