Thomas Chorny was flying from San Diego to Chicago on Monday when he looked out the window during some turbulence and was greeted with the alarming sight of long bursts of flames belching out of an engine on the right wing. 

Despite being in a potentially life-threatening situation, Chorny managed to calmly record a clip of the fiery emissions, before the pilot idled the engine and the flames went out. Though he suspected some other passengers caught sight of the horrifying spectacle, he decided not to voice his concerns as he saw “no need to panic the others.”

“Strange to sit there & think ‘What if this is it?’ To just sit there & accept the potential fate that seems to be a possibility,” he later tweeted.

The pilots made an emergency landing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but apparently were oblivious to the dramatic nature of their engine troubles, as Chorny tweeted: “I had to show them the video when we landed because they didn’t know there were flames. Talk to your pilots, people!!!”

No injuries were reported in the incident, and the passengers continued their journey on a different plane.

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