The neighbour of a German cheese factory can complain about the smell — but she isn’t allowed to cover her town with stickers to protest the stink, a Munich court has ruled.

The woman filed a complaint about the odour from a facility in Bad-Heilbrunn and began a sticker campaign in her neighbourhood to highlight her objection.

The owner of the Tölzer Kasladen cheese factory, Wolfgang Hofmann, asked her to remove the stickers — and now the court has ruled in her favour.

She is still allowed to say that “there is an olfactory nuisance and that she finds it smelly,” a court spokesperson told the DPA press agency.

Hofmann said he was happy about the decision, although he would have preferred if the woman was also banned from telling people about the smell.

“I have several shops and never saw something like this before”, he told Euronews.

“Cheese smells, yes. But it doesn’t stink.”


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