A teenage survivor of the New Zealand volcano eruption will wake from a coma to discover that his whole family was killed in the disaster.

Jesse Langford, 19, suffered 90 per cent burns during the White Island disaster and is currently recovering in hospital in Sydney.

His parents Kristine, 45, and Anthony, 51, both died in the eruption, while his sister Winona, 17, is presumed dead although her body has not yet been found.  

New Zealand police warned today that Winona’s body has probably been washed out to sea and may never be found. 

The family had been visiting White Island, which is 31 miles off New Zealand, as part of a day tour from the Ovation Of The Seas cruise.

In a statement, Jesse’s extended family said he is recovering in hospital and paid tribute to the three Langfords who were killed in the disaster.

The family statement said: ‘Jesse is recovering in hospital, receiving excellent care. 

Anthony and Kristine, loving parents to Jesse and Winona, were a wonderful couple and devoted to both their immediate and ­extended families. They will be greatly missed by all who knew them.’ 

Winona’s body is one of two which remain missing, along with that of 40-year-old tour guide Hayden Marshall-Inman. 

Today New Zealand police said they believe the bodies have been washed out to sea and may never be found. 

Deputy commissioner Mike Clement said a storm soon after the eruption washed the bodies down a stream and into the Pacific Ocean.

‘We are deeply sorry that we haven’t, until this time, been able to return those bodies,’ he told reporters in the town of Whakatane on the mainland today. 

‘That has been our mission throughout, firstly to save people and then to recover people. 

‘It hurts us, and it hurts our people and it hurts everybody in this community when we don’t achieve that purpose.

We haven’t given up, but what I am here to do is to signal to everybody that we have reached a phase where we are literally in the hands of the sea.’  

The bodies could yet be found at sea or wash ashore on New Zealand’s East Cape, but police say they will scale back their search. 

There have also been fears that rain could cause the bodies to could become entombed on White Island like the victims of Pompeii.  

Helicopter pilots from New Zealand’s Defence Force have attempted to search for the bodies from the air but have been hampered by bad weather.   

Before they set off on the cruise, Kristine Langford shared a photo of herself, her husband, and Jesse – presumably taken by Winona – of them about to board the ship.

‘My first post in a while. We’re off cruising on #royalcarribeancruise Happy birthday [Anthony Langford]. Bon voyage everyone!’ she wrote. 

Jesse’s former principal at Marist College North Shore, Tony Duncan, asked parents and staff to pray for his safety.  

‘Jesse, who graduated last year, was a talented and popular student during his time at the school, finishing up as MacKillop House captain.

‘Jesse has been a student at Marist since Year 7, with his family remembered fondly around the College. Please have the Langford family in your prayers.’

Mr Langford senior was a long-time employee of Sydney Water and his wife was a stay-home mother to the two children.

On Monday, hundreds of mourners gathered in New Zealand to remember the victims.

Family and friends of the dead and injured, along with local residents, gathered at Mataatua Marae, in Whakatane, for an emotional service.

They, along the rest of New Zealand, observed a minute’s silence to honour the victims.

Local Maori elder Joe Harawira said more than 200 people gathered at the centre. Mourners were also heard singing and embracing outside.   

Twenty four Australians were among 47 tourist on White Island when it erupted.   


Julie Richards, 47, and her daughter Jessica, 20, from Brisbane, have been officially confirmed dead. 

Martin Hollander and his wife Barbara

Martin Berend Hollander, 48, from Sydney, was missing but was formally identified on Monday.

His two sons Berend, 16, and Matthew, 13, who attended Sydney’s Knox Grammar, both died in hospital last week after suffering serious injuries in the blast.  

According to his Linkedin profile, Mr Hollander works at Transport for NSW as a freight initiatives manager.

He is also a director at a Singaporean investment management firm, Wipunen Incrementum Capital.

He was on a family holiday with his wife, who remains unaccounted for, and two kids, who were confirmed dead on Thursday. 

Gavin Dallow, 53, and stepdaughter Zoe Hosking, 15, from Adelaide 

Mr Dallow’s body was identified by police from the five bodies recovered from the island. Zoe was formally identified as a victim on Sunday. 

Karla Mathews, 32, and Richard Elzer, 32, from Coffs Harbour, NSW 

The couple were identified as those tourists still on the island and therefore presumed dead by their families on Wednesday.

Jason Griffiths, 33, Coffs Harbour, NSW  

Jason Griffiths, 33, from Coffs Harbour, NSW, died from his injuries on Wednesday after being taken to hospital in critical condition. 

He was officially confirmed dead by police on Monday. 

He had been on a tour of the volcano with couple Karla Mathews, 32, and Richard Elzer, 32, who are now presumed dead, friends said.  

Matthew (Year 8) and Berend Hollander (Year 10) from Sydney

Knox Grammar schoolboy brothers Matthew, 13, and Berend, 16, Hollander were confirmed dead on Thursday morning.

They died in two New Zealand hospitals after escaping the island with horrific burns. 

Their father Martin was confirmed dead on Monday, while their mother Barbara is yet to be confirmed dead or identified by police.  

Krystal Browitt, 21, from Melbourne 

Ms Browitt was formally identified as a victim on Saturday. She was on the Ovation of the Seas cruise for her 21st birthday with family.

Her father Paul and sister Stephanie are in serious condition in hospital. Her mother Marie escaped death by staying on the cruise liner. 

Anthony Langford, 51, and his wife Kristine Langford, 45, from Sydney 

Kristine Langford, 45, from Sydney, is also among those officially confirmed dead on Monday. 

The body of her husband Anthony, 51 was formally identified on Sunday, and her daughter Winona, 17, is still missing and presumed dead.

The couple’s 19-year-old son Jesse survived the volcano eruption, and is recovering in hospital with burns to 90 per cent of his body.   

Mr Langford worked for Sydney Water. 

Winona Langford, 17, Sydney   

On Tuesday, NZ Police said one of the bodies still missing on White Island belonged to 17-year-old Winona Langford from Sydney. 

Winona’s mother and father have been confirmed dead while her brother Jesse remains in hospital.

Her body is either entombed on the deadly volcano island or is in the sea.  


Lisa Dallow, 49, from Adelaide

She is an induced coma in Hamilton Hospital, with 57 per cent of her body burnt

Jesse Langford, 19, Sydney

He has been identified among the injured in hospital. He is reported to have suffered burns to 90 per cent of his body 




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