From Brad Pitt’s crumbling wall to Micheal Douglas’s rubbish-strewn gardens, these pictures reveal the state of megastars’ multi-million-euro Majorcan holiday homes. 

Also seen is tennis star Boris Becker’s €10.5 million (£8.9m) finca in Arta, which once boasted a pristine tennis court and sauna but is now occupied by squatters. 

Pieces from the stone wall outside Pitt‘s mansion can be seen falling onto the pavement and his neighbour said that although the actor bought his home more than three years ago, he has not yet stepped inside.  

Another villa which is seen looking like it could do with some tidying up is Hollywood star Michael Douglas’s 250-acre estate which was listed for a cut price of €29.9 (£25.3) million in June.

According to the real estate agent Alessandro Proto, Brad Pitt fell in love with the sun-soaked area after shooting film Allied.

Proto said: ‘Brad Pitt fell in love with the Balearic Islands after filming his latest movie in the Canaries, and he tasked us with finding him a house in Mallorca.’

The 55-year-old actor purchased the €3.5 million (£2.9m) home in June 2016 in the trendy port area of Port D’Andratx while he was splitting up from his wife Angelina Jolie.  

But the next door neighbour said he’s never see Pitt at the property – and this is a growing trend of celebrities on the island who’ve left their estates to stand empty.

A section of Pitt’s fence and outside wall also appear to have broken and it looks as though he’s never set foot on the place with the curtains closed and the pool unused. 

While bankrupt tennis star Boris Becker’s €10.5million (£8.9m) finca in Arta is occupied with squatters and is in the hands of administrators who were trying to sell it – but have now given up and taken it off the market. 

The 12-bedroom property was being sold by Balearic Properties and the Prestige Property Group, but it no longer features on either website.

Since May 2018, the property has been taken over by German Georg Berres and his hippie squad called the ‘Intergalactic Health and Rescue Team’, after Becker was made bankrupt owing tens of millions.

In its current state, the property looks nothing like the glamorous images once used on property websites, which were ten years old, according to Berres – who says the property is worthless.

Speaking in a previous interview, he said: ‘They still want to sell this, the price is over 10 million Euros, this is ridiculous, try to find anyone who wants to have it for a million, a cent, you won’t find anyone’.

When the property was up for sale, the listing said nothing about the wretched state of the twelve bedrooms and bathrooms, gym, swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, and horse stables. 

Instead it stated: ‘The main residence is outstanding for its exotic pieces of furniture, originating from Morocco, India and other corners of the world.

‘The Moroccan style pool house is next to the 30-metre swimming pool, and offers an ideal area for resting and relaxing. A sauna, a steam bath, a gymnasium and a changing room complete this splendid wellness area.’

The glamorous images of the property which were displayed on a Spanish listings website are also more than 10 years old, Berres claimed.

The property advert boasts of a ‘magnificent setting’ which could serve as a ‘most ideal location for dinner parties, barbecues and grand celebrations of all kinds’ for a large number of guests.

However, when estate agents came to visit the property they could not believe what they were seeing when they arrived to take pictures, the German said.

He said: ‘We’ve had people at the gate introducing themselves as real estate agents wanting to take pictures. They get on the ground and say: “What the f*** happened here?'”

‘No one knew what it was like, as they have these 10-year-old perfect pictures, where it had a nice English lawn.’

Squatter Berres has previously told reporters that he would leave if Spanish authorities asked him to, but there has apparently been no such request so far.

According to an old property listing, the ‘very special tennis court’ has the same surface as the one used in the Australian Open, and the net and supports come directly from Wimbledon.

However the court is now full of weeds and cracks, while the net is threadbare and being held up by metal wire tied to the fence.

While the brochure shows off a homely kitchen and living area, the recent pictures reveal barren and uninviting rooms cluttered with rubbish. 

The finca is reportedly now in the hands of the Spanish administrator Convenia Profesional SLP after Becker’s company Goatbridge SL – which looked after the house- was declared bankrupt in July 2017.

Becker bought the estate with his former wife Barbara in 1997 but has been trying to sell it for a decade.

The legal battle over his bankruptcy took an unlikely turn when he claimed that his status as a minor attache for the Central African Republic gave him diplomatic immunity.

Becker said he had a passport at the embassy in Brussels but the CAR foreign minister and a presidential spokesman denied that such a document existed.

Last December he dropped the claim and an auction of his memorabilia which was held earlier this year raised nearly £700,000.

Meanwhile, Michael Douglas has been trying to sell his sprawling 190-acre estate called S’Estaca, in Valldemossa, for the last five years, reducing it from €50 million (£42.2m) to €26 million (£22m). 

In October 2018 the actor took his home off the market, but in June this year it was reported that the estate was back up for sale at the lower price of €26m (£22m) and he even released a video of the home. 

The Hollywood star narrates over spectacular drone footage on his S’Estaca estate, reports Homes And Property.

But what the video didn’t show was the mansion’s rubbish-strewn gardens and it’s thought that he and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones haven’t set foot on the property for years.

He bought the stunning 250-acre property in Majorca with his then wife Diandra Luker in 1989 for just $3.5 million (£2.9m). Even after they split up eleven years later, they have shared the property for six months each of the year.  

The estate has been left looking rather unkempt since it was placed on the market, with yellow grass covering much of the land and rubbish piled up in some spots. 

The shutters on the windows are also firmly closed and neighbours on the white isle say they haven’t seen the residents for months and only on the odd occasion in the last decade.

Broken tiles and bricks have also been left on the grounds and old wood fires haven’t been cleared away, but despite this the home’s exterior paint still appears to be in good condition.

In the past, the stunning Spanish retreat has played host to the likes of Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Michelle Pfeiffer and Jack Nicholson.

The property boasts two cottages, five apartments, 10 bedrooms in total, 11 bathrooms, home theater, outdoor heated pool, library, games room, outdoor kitchen, wine cellar and vineyard.

It’s thought that Douglas’s wife Zeta-Jones, 49, prefers their other holiday homes they have dotted around the world, including an apartment in Manhattan, summer home in Bedford, New York, and a ranch in Bermuda.

The property supposedly holds only bad memories for Zeta-Jones because it’s co-owned by Luker, 62, in a bizarre and awkward timeshare pact.

Douglas and Zeta-Jones have it from January to June, Luker from July to December, and they even change the fixtures, fittings and furniture. The Welsh beauty has almost never been seen at the house since they tied the knot in 2000.

The Hollywood power couple own over $100 million (£84.9m) in real estate all over the world, and the Welsh-born Oscar winner admits: ‘Like people collect art, we collect homes. We love architecture. It’s like a passion.’ 


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