“In the early morning of December 24, on Christmas Eve, the headquarters of Porta dos Fundos was the victim of an attack. Molotov cocktails were thrown at our building,” the comedy group confirmed.

The fire was promptly contained by a security guard and no one was injured, yet the incident endangered “several innocent lives in the office and in the street,” it said.

A handful of photos, circulating online, purportedly show damage that the studio sustained – and it appears to be very minor.

The comedians fell short from pointing fingers, yet implied the incident might be linked with the massive scandal, caused by their Netflix special ‘The First Temptation of Christ.’

The movie was released a few weeks ago, causing an uproar among Christians in Brazil and elsewhere. The episode depicts an apparently gay Jesus Christ bringing what appears to be his boyfriend to his birthday party and introducing him to the Holy Family. The episode includes other jokes a Christian faithful might find offensive as well, including Virgin Mary smoking pot and indulging into a love affair with God himself.

Brazil has a very large Catholic community – and many were offended by the movie, yet, before the Molotovs incident – if it is indeed linked to the show – the outrage did not go beyond angry social media posting and online petitions. One of the petitions has attracted over 2 million supporters, who demanded Netflix to take the offensive episode down. The media giant, however, has not reacted to the controversy.

The scandal around ‘The First Temptation of Christ’ invoked reaction of the Brazil President son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, who took to Twitter to call the movie a piece of “garbage,” stating that the comedians “do not represent Brazilian society.” His father, Jair Bolsonaro, has repeatedly expressed anti-LGBT views, and even called himself a “proud” homophobe.

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