A group of American tourists were assaulted at gunpoint by three men outside a luxury hotel in Chile.

The trio had just arrived in Santiago, the capital of the South American country, and were about to check into the Ritz-Carlton in the high-end town of Las Condes when they were attacked Sunday morning. 

A hotel surveillance camera showed the man and a woman walking towards the entrance while a chauffeur pushed their luggage over the curb. 

Two men then pointed their weapons at the couple. One of the suspect is spotted on the video pushing the male victim away in an attempt to take his backpack while his accomplice tried to grab a woman’s handbag.

A third member of the traveling party could be seen running in and attempting to prevent the first suspect from stealing the man’s bag. He then charged at the second assailant and shoved him away.

A friend of the victims told Chilean television network Tele13 that the muggers were able to steal a Rolex watch.

Images shared by Las Condes mayor Joaquín Lavín showed three suspects bunched together aboard a motorcycle. 

The muggers sped out of the hotel driveway and made a left onto a major avenue. Two of them got into a car and escaped.

Lavín said the victims were identified by the suspects at Santiago International Airport and closely followed all the way to the Ritz-Carlton.

The president of Chile’s Tourism Board Federation condemn the frightening attack.

The safety and integrity of tourists who visit Chile, and who hope to have a quiet stay, was affected,’ Ricardo Margulis said. ‘These are very traumatic events for victims, especially when they are approached so violently with firearms.’ 

Could we please get grabs and the video footage.

For the preview and puff in, can we include the moment the suspects approach the attackers as well as all three of them aboard the motorcycle they escaped in.


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