Morgan, who co-hosts ITV’s Good Morning Britain, took to social media on Wednesday night to insist Meghan Markle had “split Harry from [Prince] William” and was now “breaking up our royal family after fleecing the public purse.”

The couple revealed that they aim to become “financially independent” and plan to divide their time between the UK and North America. It’s believed that neither the Queen or Prince Charles were consulted before the couple issued their “personal” note, leaving the family “disappointed,”according to the BBC.

Morgan branded this “a disgraceful way to treat The Queen,” adding: “Shame on Harry & Meghan.” The 54 year-old presenter, known for his angry rants and social media battles with high-profile celebrities, described Harry and Meghan’s decision as “spiteful treachery” against their own family.

He said accusations that the move was prompted by the media’s “large-scale dog-whistle racism” directed at the Duchess of Sussex, who is mixed-race, were “absolute b****cks.” Morgan claimed the couple face being “torched back” as a result, branding them “shameless spoiled brats.”

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