A Buddha-bellied Sphynx cat has been filmed lounging at home in a hilarious video taken by his owner. 

With his rotund belly, the Sphynx, named Amsterdam, perfectly captures how many of us feel in January after the holiday slump.  

With Christmas being over, and most of us having gorged and divulged ourselves a little too much over December, the new year can be a tough reality check.

And the same goes for the animal kingdom, as Jana Martinka filmed her bald six-year-old Sphynx cat, who has become everyone’s January spirit animal.

Jana filmed the chunky feline in her home in Vienna, Austria, as the round Amsterdam sat up like a human. 

Images show the cat’s large bald belly and rolls hanging out for all to see, including 3-year-old Neytiri, a fellow Sphynx cat, who was laying down looking up at her 7.5kg chubby hubby. 

Jana said: ‘I thought it was very funny but also very special for me to see them like this.

‘The reason why he was sitting like this is because there is an infrared heater on the wall and the cats love to sleep there.’

Other adorable images show an unimpressed Amsterdam looking cosy in a furry grey jumper, complete with bunny ears. 



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