A model has recounted her horrific ordeal at the hands of masked robbers who she claims threw bleach at her and locked her in a small bathroom while they raided her home for cash and jewellery.

Eve Ryan, 24, said she arrived at her house in Dublin, Ireland on January 9 to discover six thieves wearing balaclavas. 

In an ordeal lasting 20 hours, the men allegedly pinned her down by holding knives and screwdrivers to her neck before locking her in a bathroom while they ransacked her home. 

‘I came upstairs to find six men with balaclavas in my house,’ Eve told The Sun

‘They put knives to my neck and screwdrivers to my eyes. They threw bleach on me and asked where the jewellery and money was. I’ve never ever felt as terrified in my life.’

She pleaded with the thieves not to hurt her grandmother, who was also in the house in Portmarnock at the time and suffers from dementia. 

She claims the men dragged her by the hair into a ‘tiny toilet en-suite in the back bedroom, which has no window’ and locked her in, taking away the key. 

Eve was determined to find a way out and even penned notes using mascara to slip under the door to her grandmother in the next room, instructing her how to dial 999. 

During the ordeal, Eve had ‘desperate’ thoughts and even thought about escaping by banging a hole in the wall.

The alarm was eventually raised when Eve’s aunt arrived at the property and heard her desperate screams. 

A neighbour helped to smash down the front door and the thieves fled. 

Eve said of her rescue: ‘It was the best moment of my life. I’m so thankful they never went near my granny and didn’t hurt my dogs.’

She added that the thieves broke in despite the property having ‘state of the art CCTV surrounding the whole house.’

Police are now appealing to the public for information and have asked road users who happened to be travelling on the Coast Road between Baldoyle and Portmarnock between 6.30pm and 8pm on the 9th January to contact the Gardai on 1800 666 111.


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