A husband had to seek medical help after his wife put a metal nut on his penis to punish him for being unfaithful in Ukraine.

The unnamed victim in his 40s was woken up by pain in the morning and saw his organ being ‘strangulated’ and swollen.

He tried to take the nut off by himself but failed before calling an ambulance and being hospitalised in the city of Zaporizhia, in the south of the country.

After examining the man, doctors called a ‘Kobra’ rescuers crew because they did not have the necessary tools to remove the chastity nut.

Rescuers had to use a circular saw to cut the nut in two places before they were able to take it off.

The tense operation was made even harder because the cutting device kept producing sparks. 

The metal nut also heated up as a result of the friction meaning rescuers were forced to douse it with water to cool it down.

Oleksandr Brienko, the rescue team commander, told local media: ‘We received a call from doctors who asked to remove the nut. We used special equipment to do the job. The man was lying on the surgical operating table under anaesthesia while we were cutting the object off.’

Eduard Nekhoroshev, also from the local rescue service added: ‘We often face similar incidents and are quite trained in removing rings, handcuffs and other objects off people’s bodies.

‘In this case, we actually saved the man’s penis. He will be able to become a father in the future.’

Now the man is undergoing treatment in the City Hospital five and doctors say he will get better soon.

According to medics, the organ will regain its functionality in full.

Reports say the man was punished by his wife after she learned that he had been cheating on her.

The angry woman screwed the nut onto her unfaithful husband’s penis at night while he was sleeping deeply in their bed, local media report.

Now the man is thinking of asking for a divorce, according to Ukrainian media.



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