This is the adorable moment an eager squirrel tries to take a turn in playing with a Rubik’s cube. 

Leo Higgins was out in Zion National Park, Utah, with his beloved Rubik’s cube late last year. 

To his surprise a squirrel came within a few feet of the group he was with and started to show an interest in the cube. 

Mr Higgins bends down to show the curious critter the bright colours and snappy movements of the puzzle. 

Footage then shows the squirrel reaching his little paws out towards the Rubik’s cube and trying to imitate the intricate movements Mr Higgins is performing. 

He desperately tries to grab the cube and appears enthralled by Mr Higgins’s ability with it.  

One onlooker can be heard saying: ‘He wants to take that to his house!’

While another muses on a new name for the Rubik’s cube and says: ‘Squirrel cube.’

Another passerby suggests that the little squirrel wants to have a go at solving the puzzle himself and says: ‘He wants to try!’  


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