Pact appears to contain ‘managed trade’ provisions that would favour sales of Boeing aircraft to China at the expense of Airbus, Hogan agrees

EU not ‘trigger happy’ about taking cases to WTO, but will ‘stand up for our own economic interests’

The European Union could challenge the new US-China trade deal at the World Trade Organisation if it determines the agreement violates its trading rights, EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan said today.

“We haven’t analysed the document in detail, but we will,” Hogan said in response to a question at an event hosted by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies.

“And if there’s a WTO complaints issue, we will of course take a case.”

Hogan said he agreed the pact seemed to contain “managed trade” provisions that would favour sales of Boeing aircraft to China at the expense of European aircraft giant Airbus.

“We’re not trigger happy about taking cases to the WTO,” he said. “I don’t want to raise that impression, but we’ll stand up for our own economic interests.”


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