Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang joins Neil Cavuto on ‘CAVUTO Live.’

With a week-and-a-half to go until the Iowa caucuses, former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson says she’s supporting tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang in the contest that kicks off the presidential nominating calendar.

“I’m lending my support to Andrew in Iowa, hopefully to help him get past the early primaries & remind us not to take ourselves too seriously. We need that this year. We need to lighten up on a personal level, because the moment is so serious on a political level,” Williamson announced in a series of Instagram posts.

But the best-selling spiritual author made it clear that she’s not officially “endorsing anyone” in the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination race at this time and is just supporting Yang through Iowa’s Feb. 3 caucuses.

“I am not endorsing anyone at this time. I support all the progressive candidates,” she emphasized in a statement to Fox News.

Williamson went on to say that she will appear with Yang in the first caucus state “because I know the institutional obstructions to his candidacy and I want to see him continue in the race past Iowa.”

On Instagram, she also touted Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts – saying that she admires both of the progressive standard-bearers in the nomination race. But she said that unlike Yang, “right now they don’t need my help.”


But she highlighted that “Andrew’s personality is like a tuning fork realigning us with something we need to retrieve, taking us back to a more innocent time, making us remember to chuckle.”

Yang took to Twitter to thank Williamson, writing that he has “learned a lot from Marianne and continue to do so. She answers questions that many of us haven’t even thought to ask. Very grateful for her friendship and support in this important time.”

Yang, once the longest of longs-shots for the nomination, soared to middle-tier status last year in the polls and in campaign fundraising, thanks in part to his push for a universal basic income that would pay all adult Americans $1,000 per month.

Williamson, who faced an extreme uphill climb to win the nomination, preached the politics of love and proposed creating a Department of Peace. She dropped her bid for the White House earlier this month.


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