Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is skipping both Iowa and New Hampshire, making Super Tuesday the main focus of his campaign; Molly Line reports from Burlington, Vermont.

With stops in Vermont and Maine, Michael Bloomberg on Monday became this election cycle’s first presidential hopeful to visit all 14 Super Tuesday states, as he focuses his campaign on post-early state contests.

“It’s almost five weeks until Super Tuesday and we don’t have a day to waste,” Bloomberg told supporters in Burlington, Vt., on Monday afternoon.

The former New York City mayor most frequently has visited California, Texas and Virginia — three of the states with the highest number of delegates up for grabs on March 3.


While the Iowa caucuses are a week away, Bloomberg is the only candidate who has not set foot in Iowa since announcing his run for president.

The Democrat told reporters Monday he’s “not at all” paying attention to the contests in the first four states.

Mike Bloomberg campaigning in Vermont on Monday. (Kelly Phares/Fox News).

“In the meantime, I’m gonna go and deal with all the other states, and nobody is going to the other states except two people: myself and Donald Trump,” Bloomberg said. “If you want to replace Donald Trump, maybe you might want to visit these states and make the case as to why you’re better.”

Campaigning in Super Tuesday states also meant Bloomberg has been spending more time on his rivals’ home turf.

In Burlington on Monday, Bloomberg argued he’s more suitable to beat President Trump than homestate Sen. Bernie Sanders but acknowledged that Sanders has been the local favorite.

And, while campaigning in Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s home state of Minnesota this month, Bloomberg said, “Look, if there’s a hometown candidate [running], obviously you’re not going to do as well as if they’re not.”


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