Canada’s spy agency is asking any employees and former employees who spent time at a contaminated covert training facility in Kemptville, Ont., to come forward.

The Canada Training Centre, closed in 2006 and demolished the following year, was found to be rife with hazardous substances including mould, lead paint, E. coli and asbestos.

The request from CSIS comes just weeks after the RCMP issued a similar call for employees to come forward.

RCMP trying to ID anyone who passed through contaminated training centre

An RCMP squad tasked with spy operations used the building for training for nearly 20 years. In December, CBC reported on suspected links between conditions at the facility and the deaths of at least six people who trained there. Others have fallen ill.

Secretive RCMP training facility suspected in illnesses, deaths

In a news release issued Monday, CSIS asks former employees including instructors to contact the agency “in order to receive further instructions from Occupational Health and Safety professionals.”

According to the release, “the hazardous substances identified include friable asbestos, building materials containing silica, lead in peeling paint, unsafe levels of lead, E. coli and coliform bacteria in the potable water, hazardous molds and infestation of rodents and insects.”

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