Russia’s Pavel Kulizhnikov competes during the men’s 1000 meters race of the European Single Distance Speedskating Championships at the Thialf stadium in Heerenveen, Netherlands, Sunday, Jan. 12, 2020. (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

MOSCOW, February 17. /TASS/. The Russian national team showed an excellent result at the 2020 World Single Distances Speed Skating Championships in the United States winning 12 medals, Alexei Kravtsov, the president of the Russian Skating Union, told TASS on Monday.

The Russian national team of speed skaters won three gold, five silver and four bronze medals at the championship in Salt Lake City, Utah, held between February 13 and 16. The team set its personal record in the total number of medals won at one championship.

The national team of Dutch speed skaters topped the overall medals standings with 14 medals (seven gold, five silver and two bronze) leaving Russia in 2nd place and Canada in 3rd place with nine medals (three gold, two silver and four bronze).

“I give our team an A+ grade,” Kravtsov said in an interview with TASS. “Clearly not everything worked out since we pinned hopes on certain disciplines, but in terms of medals and results this championship was the best in our history.”

“It was the result of a systematic work of our coaching staff, the team’s assisting staff and on the whole, this is an overall merit of athletes, coaches and all specialists who helped the team during the trainings process. The most important now is to maintain this tempo and mood for the next Olympics.”

The RSSF president particularly praised the performance of Russian female speed skaters at the championship last week.

“Our girls showed a very strong performance at this World Championship,” Kravtsov indicated. “They won silver and bronze both at the 500-meter and 1,500-meter distances.”

“Olga Fatkulina enjoyed good races in the 500-meter and 1,000-meter events,” he stated. “The women’s team is keeping a good company for the men’s sprint team.”

At the 2019 World Single Distances Speed Skating Championships in Germany the Russian team managed to pack 11 medals (one gold and 10 bronze) and finished 6th in the overall medals standings.

The Russian team’s gold medalists at the championship in Salt Lake City are Pavel Kulizhnikov, who won the 500m race and 1,000m race with a new World Record, and Natalia Voronina, who was the fastest in 5,000m discipline and grabbed the gold also with a new World Record.

The silver medals were brought for the Russian squad by Ruslan Murashov (500m); Angelina Golikova (500m); Olga Fatkulina (1,000m); Yevgeniya Lalenkova (1,500m) and the trio of Angelina Golikova, Olga Fatkulina and Daria Kachanova in women’s team sprint.

The bronze was packed by Olga Fatkulina (500m); Yelizaveta Kazelina (1,500m); Natalia Voronina (3,000m) and the trio of Danila Semerikov, Ruslan Zakharov and Sergei Trofimov in men’s team pursuit.

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