The 26-year-old fighter failed to win a reward-based challenge for her team and flew into a rage, assaulting a teammate who had apparently attempted to comfort her.

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Andrei Ciobanu approached Pal saying, “It’s hard Ana, it’s hard,” only for Pal to hurl a ball at him and then headbutt him in the face, breaking his nose.

Ciobanu was seen lying on the sand in agony, covering his face with hands.
Pal was immediately kicked off the popular show with many social media users condemning her behavior.

Ciobanu also made a post on the incident, branding the MMA fighter’s actions unacceptable.

But for those who support Ana’s behavior… ask the following question: If your mother yelled at your father and for that, he received a punch in front, is it fair that he deserved it?” he wrote.

Pal has competed in five MMA fights as a professional flyweight, winning two bouts.

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