A fire broke out outside Gare de Lyon train station in Paris on Friday, prompting evacuations. Black smoke was seen billowing above the famous train station on Friday evening local time. 

The Associated Press reports that the blaze was started after an electric scooter was set on fire during an unauthorized concert by a Congolese rapper near the station.

On Twitter, Paris police condemned demonstrators near the train station. The department then shared a video that appears to show demonstrators blocking firefighters’ access the fire.

“Unacceptable violence by people who defied the ban on demonstrating on the sidelines of a concert,” reads a translated tweet from the Paris Police Prefecture, adding that police were committed to maintaining public order.

Comportement scandaleux des manifestants qui empêchent les @PompiersParis d’accéder à l’incendie. https://t.co/zMYNv04Ykt

The fire spread to engulf multiple vehicles near the station in flames, The Associated Press reports. A large cloud of black smoke could be seen rising above the historic train station, at one point cloaking its landmark clock tower.

Police said the fire was under control by nightfall and have no reports of injuries, The Associated Press reports. Authorities have urged people to avoid the area.

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