Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg discusses his qualifications to be president, his path to the nomination and how a Bloomberg administration would have responded to the coronavirus outbreak with moderators Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum in Manassas, Virginia.

President Trump went on the attack against Mike Bloomberg Tuesday morning, as the Democratic presidential hopeful awaits the results of Super Tuesday’s myriad state primaries — the first ones where his name appears on the ballots.

As Bloomberg hopes for a substantial return on his massive campaign investment, Trump claimed that he already lost due to his performances in the last two Democratic debates.


“Mini Mike Bloomberg can never recover from his incompetent debate performances,” Trump said, claiming that Bloomberg also performed poorly under pressure when he was mayor of New York City and calling him “a choker!”

Bloomberg struggled during his first debate in Nevada, as his opponents all took shots against his record, alleged comments toward women, and allegations of discrimination by his company against female employees. During the South Carolina debate, he made an awkward joke about his performance in Nevada, facetiously claiming that he won.

Super Tuesday is the first test of the former mayor’s campaign strategy, as he focused his energy – and hundreds of millions of dollars – on the 14 states holding contests representing 1,357 total delegates plus an additional six from American Samoa and 13 for Democrats living abroad. A candidate needs to acquire 1,991 delegates heading into the Democratic National Convention to secure the nomination.

The party, meanwhile, appears to be rallying behind former vice president Joe Biden. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., and former South Bend, Ind. mayor Pete Buttigieg both suspended their campaigns and announced Monday that they are endorsing Biden. Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke – who was also in the race earlier in the campaign season – endorsed Biden as well.

In addition to Biden, Bloomberg will have to fend off Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., as well as Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii.

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