Anything that goes “gay viral” – like that woman on Celebrity Mastermind who, when asked the name of the Swedish climate activist changing the world, answered “Sharon”.

The Bible.

The Royle Family. It’s the world I’m from and I find it howl-inducing. It’s one of the only representations of the working classes on TV that is warm, full of love, that uplifts our culture.

Death! Becomes! Her! It’s so absurdly camp. I’ve watched it, honestly, hundreds of times.

My friend Leyah. We survived high school on our humour and pretending to be each others’ bf/gf … until I was outed at 13 and they were moved to a Catholic girls’ school.

A second-hand nun’s cassock that I slit from floor to thigh. It was both hilarious and deeply flattering.

I wore a 20cm-high plaited hair cone for about a year and it was deeply absurd. A lot of homophobia for that one, and frankly I don’t blame them.

Posh people pretending to be poor. Wedding pics on a council estate! Head-to-toe ironic Burberry check!

Crystal Rasmussen plays Moth Club, E9, 27 March

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