Late on Sunday, activists took to the streets of Turkey’s largest city, condemning violence against women, only to be met with a violent police response.

Marches were held across Pakistan as well, with protesters calling for gender equality and an end to the practice of “honour killings” of women, still practiced in some areas by hardline Muslims. In Islamabad, participants of the Women’s Day rally clashed with counter-protesters who advocated conservative values. 

In Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan a march opposing violence against women was targeted by a group of masked men, donning traditional Kyrgyz hats. The attackers snatched placards belonging to protesters and beat up some of them. Adding insult to injury, many protesters and attackers were detained by police in the aftermath of the scuffle.

A massive rally for gender equality was held in the Iraqi capital city, Baghdad, where participants spotted coronavirus protection measures.

But in Western countries protesters decided just going on to the streets was not good enough.

In Paris many protesters were seen dressed like WWII feminist icon, Rosie the Riveter, while others chose to wear next to nothing with placards reading ‘Stop the patriarchy pandemic!’

FEMEN’s performance on the Place de la Concorde combined feminist action with the coronavirus scare, as participants donned hazmat gear – on the lower parts of their bodies, at least – and ‘cleaned’ the streets of ‘patriarchal virus.’

Warning: Explicit Video

Another topless protest was held in London, this time combining climate change scare with feminism. The bare-breasted activists from the Extinction Rebellion group blocked Waterloo Bridge, while the inscriptions on their bodies read ‘Climate Murder’, ‘Climate Rape’, ‘Climate Abuse’ and so on.

Warning: Explicit Video

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