ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA – JULY 25, 2019: A Tupolev Tu-142 anti-submarine warfare aircraft involved in a rehearsal of the Russian Navy Day Parade on the Neva River. Alexander Demianchuk/TASS Ðîññèÿ. Ñàíêò-Ïåòåðáóðã. Äàëüíèé ïðîòèâîëîäî÷íûé ñàìîëåò ÒÓ-142 íà ðåïåòèöèè âîåííî-ìîðñêîãî ïàðàäà â ÷åñòü Äíÿ Âîåííî-Ìîðñêîãî Ôëîòà â àêâàòîðèè ðåêè Íåâû. Àëåêñàíäð Äåìüÿí÷óê/ÒÀÑÑ

VLADIVOSTOK, March 10. /TASS/. Two Russian anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142 of the Russian Navy have observed all international rules of using airspace when conducting scheduled flights over the neutral waters of the Chukotsk Sea and Beaufort Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said on Tuesday that two Russian Tu-142 aircraft entered the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) on Monday, March 9. NORAD added that the Russian aircraft did not enter the United States or Canadian sovereign space at point of the flight.

“The flights of Tu-142 aircraft of Russia’s Navy were carried out in strict compliance with the international rules of using airspace,” the defense ministry said adding that the flights lasted for around 12 hours.

The Russian Defense Ministry noted that at certain stages of the flight, the Russian aircraft were escorted by US Air Force F-22 and F-18 fighter jets.

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