Smartphone vendor Oppo has shipped a total of 300,000 masks to five foreign countries to help fight the novel coronavirus outbreak, making it the latest Chinese tech company to donate medical goods in the global battle against the epidemic.

Oppo said the company shipped FFP3 and N95 surgical masks to Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Japan on March 15. Currently, Oppo’s local teams are closely coordinating with local government departments, hospitals and non-governmental organizations to work on the donation plan to deliver the masks to medical professionals and people who need medical supplies.

“Oppo will continue to pay attention to the global epidemic situation and give a hand to the countries and area where we operate,” the company said in a statement.

One-third of the 300,000 masks will be donated to the government of Milan in Italy, which will send the masks to local hospitals.

Another Chinese smartphone vendor, Xiaomi, has also donated tens of thousands of masks to the Italian government to help the epidemic-stricken country tide over difficulties and relieve the pressure of medical shortages.

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