• California is directing residents only to leave home when necessary to combat the coronavirus outbreak
  • Argentina’s president announced the country will enter a mandatory quarantine starting Friday
  • US President Donald Trump has canceled an in-person G7 summit, which was scheduled to take place at Camp David from June 10 to 12, and will hold a video conference instead
  • Cases in Germany have passed 15,000, with 44 people dead
  • The state premier of North Rhine-Westphalia has warned the government can take action if people in Germany do not practice social distancing

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07:30 The global death toll from the coronavirus outbreak has now surpassed 10,000, according to Johns Hopkins University. For comparison, the total death toll from the entire 2002-2003 SARS outbreak was 774.

Here’s an overview of the latest infection and fatality figures out of Europe and the US:

  • Germany – 15,077 cases – 44 deaths
  • Italy – 41,035 cases – 3,405 deaths
  • Spain – 18,077 cases – 833 deaths
  • US – 14,250 cases – 250 deaths
  • France – 10,995 cases – 372 deaths
  • Global – 244,523 cases – 10,030 deaths

06:20 Here’s a roundup of the latest coronavirus news from Asia:

  • The Sri Lankan government has implemented a 60-hour curfew across the whole island
  • Starting Sunday, South Korea will test and quarantine all arrivals from Europe regardless of whether they have symptoms, including South Korean nationals
  • The Philippines is to indefinitely ban the entry of foreigners after the government declared a state of calamity and a public health emergency
  • In China, some flights to Beijing are being rerouted to regional airports to relieve pressure on the capital’s airport amid large scale screening on incoming passengers
  • Wuhan, China has recorded a second consecutive day with no new confirmed or suspected cases
  • Malaysia will deploy its army from Sunday to assist police in enforcing a restricted movement order
  • Vietnam will suspend visa-free travel for citizens of Japan, Belarus and Russia from Saturday
  • Thailand reported 50 new coronavirus infections, taking its total number of cases to 322. It has enforced a de-facto travel ban, requiring all arrivals to have a health certificate proving them free of infection.

05:25 The US is fast-tracking antimalarial drugs for use as a treatment against the deadly virus, President Donald Trump has announced. The news came after encouraging early results in France and China.

4:36 Traffic towards the German-Polish border in Görlitz is once again running smoothly after heavy congestion in the early hours of the morning. The A4 highway was backed up for 20 kilometers shortly after midnight as cars passed through border patrol into Poland.

03:19 Australia will not release its federal budget until October, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying it was not “sensible” to put together economic forecasts amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The pandemic has put the 2-trillion-Australian-dollar ($1.17 trillion, €1.09 trillion) economy on the brink of its first recession in nearly three decades. The Oceanic country has already instituted lockdowns and travel bans over the coronavirus.

Morrison also announced a lockdown of remote indigenous communities “to prevent the spread of the virus.”

Morrison added that he is taking decisions on the basis that the outbreak will last at least six months.

One of those decisions is for Australians to keep a four-square-meter (43 square feet) gap around them in enclosed spaces to stem the spread of COVID-19.

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03:06 Saudi Arabia will suspend several forms of transportation, including all domestic flights, buses, taxis and trains, starting on Saturday, according to the Middle Eastern nation’s state news agency.

02:31 The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is “considering different scenarios” when evaluating if and when the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo can take place.

“We are affected by this crisis like everyone else and we are concerned like everybody else,” IOC President Thomas Bach told The New York Times newspaper. “We are not living in a bubble or on another planet. We are in the middle of our societies.”

Bach said canceling the games “is not on the agenda” and the IOC is “committed to the success of these games.”

“Of course we are considering different scenarios,” he said. “But we are contrary to many other sports organizations or professional leagues in that we are four-and-a-half months away from the Games.”

01:43 In a highly unusual move, China exonerated Dr. Li Wenliang, the doctor who warned of the coronavirus, after determining that he was “inappropriately” reprimanded by police.

A Chinese investigation determined that Wuhan police “acted inappropriately by issuing a disciplinary letter” and took “irregular law enforcement procedures,” the CCTV state broadcaster reported on Thursday.

A report from the investigation suggested that the reprimand of the doctor, who later died from the disease, be withdrawn. The investigative team did denounce the “anti-establishment” labels of “hero” and “awakener” some had bestowed to Li.

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01:38 California Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered a statewide “stay at home” order, directing residents only to leave home when necessary to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

Newsom said projections show that hospitalizations could surge to 19,500 patients beyond capacity after modeling showed that 56% of the state’s residents were expected to contract the virus.

He added that Los Angeles, the second-largest city in the US, would likely be “disproportionally impacted” by the pandemic. Earlier Thursday, Newsom asked President Donald Trump to send a US Navy hospital ship to the port of Los Angeles “immediately.”

01:08 Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has ordered all residents to stay inside their homes as the US’ second largest city deals with the coronavirus pandemic. He also said residents should “immediately limit all nonessential movement.”

“We’re taking this urgent action to limit the spread of COVID-19 and save lives,” Garcetti said at a news conference.

00:43 Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard proposed that the US-Mexico border remains open for commerce and work in the face of the coronavirus outbreak. Ebrard said he told his US counterpart Mike Pompeo that “measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 should not paralyze economic activity.” He added that his suggestions were met with a “good disposition.”

00:29 Argentina will begin a mandatory quarantine at midnight on Friday, President Alberto Fernandez announced in a televised address. The measure, which restricts people to their homes, will last until March 31 and be enforced by security authorities.

“It is time for us to understand that we are caring for the health of Argentines,” said Fernandez. “We have now dictated this measure trying to make the effects on the economy as least harmful as possible.”

Argentina has 128 total cases of coronavirus, with three deaths.

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00:19 New Zealand reported 11 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, bringing the total number of infections in the country to 39.

00:00 Catch up on yesterday’s coronavirus updates here: Italy deaths surge past china

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