Scientists ponder whether it’s possible for people to develop immunity to COVID-19 after the initial infection.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced Florida racing tracks to close, and 1,500 greyhounds are now looking for homes.

“We need someplace for them to go,” Carolee Ellison of Awesome Greyhound Adoptions said.

Racing was supposed to continue through December in Florida, but the outbreak ensured many tracks won’t reopen.


The state’s number of COVID-19 cases jumped sharply on Thursday.

The state health department said more than 2,350 people had tested positive for the new coronavirus, a 35 percent increase from Wednesday’s total. The number of deaths jumped from 21 to 27.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced Florida racing tracks to close, and 1,500 greyhounds are now looking for homes. (iStock)

If permanent homes can’t be found for the dogs, foster volunteers are sought.

“We give you bedding, we give you food, supplements, a leash, a collar, their heartworm medication, some toys,” Ellison said. “All you have to do is to provide the love.”


Heather Smith is a foster volunteer who has taken home a pair of two-year-old greyhounds.

“Mike and Abel, they are the best,” Smith said. “They are littermates. Wherever I am they go. They are attached to me. I can call them by their names and come right to me. They give kisses, they love to be hugged.”

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