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With bars across the country temporarily closed during the coronavirus outbreak, those of us in need of a refreshing cocktail are forced to mix our own drinks from whatever we have in the liquor cabinet.

Luckily for us, each of us already has the necessary ingredients for the most popular drink of the moment: the “quarantini.”


The quarantini, unlike other, more popular cocktails, benefits from the advantage of not actually being a thing. It’s made with vodka or gin (or whatever you happen to have on hand) and often is consumed in isolation, or via a virtual “happy hour” with similarly isolated friends.

Now, some will insist that a true quarantini contains some type of powdered Vitamin C supplement, but no such requirement has been specified by either the National Bartenders Association or the International Bartenders Association. (The people at Emergen-C are actively against that recipe, too.)

Since the possibilities are now endless, it falls upon each of us to craft a quarantini cocktail that suits our own tastes.


Not sure where to start? Allow a few of our friends to suggest their twists on the perfect quarantini.

(The Tipsy Rogue)

Spencer, aka The Tipsy Rogue, felt we could all use a “comedy cocktail” in these trying times, hence his version of a quarantine. Made with vodka and cranberry liqueur, Spencer likes to finish it off with an optional garnish of Charmin toilet paper. (“And yes, this is just a cosmo,” he confirms in the official recipe.)

(Garnish Girl)

Katie, who goes by Garnish_Girl on Instagram, makes a kumquat-flavored Kumquarantine cocktail with rye, egg white* and citrus fruits. “Kumquat syrup makes a great daiquiri and is also delicious in this whiskey sour riff,” she says. Check out the recipe here.

*Consuming raw or undercooked egg whites may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


Cocktail bloggers Jay and Leah at Gastronomblog resurrected one of their favorite springtime drinks for a unique, fresh quarantini. “The Spring is Here is a favorite at our in-home cocktail classes, and a favorite of ours!” they said earlier this week, likely while self-isolating. Visit their blog for the recipe.


(Em Pye)

Drinking is no excuse not to get your probiotics in. Fitness coach Em Pye at Live Well With Em recently shared her take on a quarantini, which, along with booze and blackberries, contains a healthy dose of kombucha. Learn more about the recipe here.


(Home Stories A to Z)

“Chances are good, you probably could use a stiff drink right about now,” says Beth from Home Stories A to Z. She’s not wrong. To that end, Beth offers up a recipe for a brighter, more aromatic quarantini made with limoncello and homemade lavender syrup. Here’s how it’s made.

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