LA Times reports black voters are not convinced to vote for Democrats in 2020; Blexit Movement founder Candace Owens weighs in.

Conservative activist and commentator Candace Owens said Thursday she has decided to seek public office, though she’s mum on when she’ll be running and against who.

Owens, the former communications director at Turning Point USA, told Fox News that while she has been approached numerous times in the past to launch a political campaign, she made the decision on Wednesday evening after a conversation with her husband.

“We’ve come to a junction where it’s not enough just to comment on politics but to get involved in it,” Owens said.

She also tweeted Thursday: “Never had any desire to [run for office] previously, but something changed in me last night.”


She said that, at the moment, she is “keeping things under wraps” as to what she will running for and in what election cycle, but noted that she is eyeing either a seat in the U.S. Senate or a governor’s mansion. Owens added that she will only run against an incumbent Democrat, not any Republicans.

“They’re all vulnerable,” she said of Democrats. “And right now is a perfect storm to see how people are leading.”

While she did not mention anyone by name, Owens was critical of governors’ responses to the coronavirus pandemic currently ensnaring the nation – calling Democratic state leaders “crooked” politicians who are using the crisis to benefit them politically.


“They’re using this crisis to get themselves out of their own crises,” she said. “I’m sick of this sort of corruption.”

Owens is a prominent conservative commentator and activist best known for her work in the #BLEXIT movement – a push to get African-Americans to leave the Democratic Party. Her career has been embroiled in controversy – from her 2018 comments that “Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well” to her comments on mass shootings.

Most recently, Owens has downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus and argued the country is enmeshed in a “doomsday cult” of liberal paranoia.

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