Nurses from across the country are photographed praying on rooftops.

Gasoline is cheaper than it’s been in a long time, but it’s still one more expense medical workers have to worry about as they deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

A Detroit man wanted to show his gratitude for the job they’re doing, so on Wednesday he went to a station near the Detroit Medical Center and started paying for nurses to fill their tanks, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Allen Marshall said he’d saved $900 with plans to spend it on something special for himself, but felt this was a better use of the money. His mother turned 97 on Tuesday and he couldn’t visit her in the nursing home because of the lockdown situation, but appreciates the work the staff is doing there to take care of her.

So he made a sign that said “Free Gas For Nurses” and stood on the corner outside the station after dropping his wife off for work at a health insurance company nearby.

“I just love them. I want them to know that,” Marshall told News 4 on Thursday.

Marshall’s funds ran out while the TV reporter was there, but after he turned the sign around to display a “Thank You For All That You Do!!!” message instead, a woman named Alana who’d heard what he was doing showed up to chip in $200 to the cause and started pumping gas while he held the free gas sign again.

“My nephew’s a nurse at Beaumont, and it kills me every day to know that he’s going to work,” Alana told News 4.

“I don’t know if he’s gonna get sick, or what’s gonna happen, and they’re just heroes,” she said.

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