The USS Theodore Roosevelt’s commanding officer has been relieved from duty by the Navy after raising alarm bells on a coronavirus outbreak on the ship; Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon.

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Several Democrats in Congress are calling for acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly to be fired following a passionate speech he gave to sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt in which he admonished the ship’s former commander for expressing concerns over the coronavirus in a strongly worded letter that was leaked to the media.

Virginia Rep. Elaine Luria, a Navy veteran and member of the House Armed Services Committee, called for Defense Secretary Mark Esper to fire Modly for his remarks about Capt. Brett Crozier, who he called “too naive or too stupid” to lead the carrier.

“TR Sailors are on the frontlines of this pandemic and of our nation’s defense in the Pacific,” Luria tweeted Monday. “Acting @SECNAV remarks to the crew show that he is in no way fit to lead our Navy through this trying time.@EsperDoD should immediately fire him.”


Modly is facing a wave of criticism after he accused Crozier of “betrayal” for his letter warning that the coronavirus had created a dire situation on the ship, which is now docked in Guam. Last week The San Francisco Chronicle published the letter in which Crozier pleaded for help to contain the virus, which has infected at least 155 sailors aboard the ship, including himself.

He was relieved of his command last week after defense officials said he went outside the chain of command. Crew members cheered him as he departed the carrier.

“I did not come to this decision lightly,” Modly said of his decision. “I have no doubt in my mind [Capt.] Crozier did what he thought was in the best interest [of] the safety and well being of his crew. Unfortunately, he did the opposite.”

Many Democrats argued Crozier was looking out for the health and safety of his crew and was being punished for the Navy’s muzzled response. Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, a Marine veteran, also called for Modly to be sacked over his remarks.

“Modly should be removed unceremoniously for these shocking remarks — especially after failing to protect sailors safety and health. He has betrayed their trust,” Blumenthal tweeted, while also calling for a Department of Defense Inspector General investigation.

California Rep. Ted Lieu, who is a colonel in the Air Force Reserve, called Modly a “hypocrite” after his speech was leaked while saying he wasn’t fit to lead the Navy.

Texas Rep. Filemon Vela plainly said: “Modly needs to RESIGN!”

In a statement, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine called Modly’s comments “inappropriate and beneath the office of the Secretary of the Navy.”

“It’s deeply disappointing that he would deliver a speech on board a U.S. aircraft carrier suggesting that Captain Crozier might be ‘stupid’ and bashing the media for trying to report the truth,” he said. “These dedicated sailors deserve better from their leadership.”

President Trump backed Modly’s decision over the weekend, saying Crozier “shouldn’t be talking that way in a letter. I thought it was terrible what he did.”

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