The Trump Organization has paid the full April rent to Palm Beach County for one of its Florida golf clubs, according to documents released by the county on Wednesday.

After inquiring about possible rent relief because of the coronavirus outbreak and statewide business closures, the Trump Organization wired Palm Beach County $88,339.12 on Tuesday, satisfying its April obligations, according to emails between the county and a Trump Organization official.

The rent had been due April 1 for land used by the Trump International Golf Club West Palm Beach, but a Trump Organization executive said earlier this week it could be paid until April 10 without penalty.

The discussions between the Trump Organization and the county prompted questions about whether the president’s private business would miss payments or request government help as a result of the outbreak. So far, the company has closed 18 of its hotels and golf clubs — including the West Palm Beach club — and laid off or furloughed more than 1,600, according to local filings and union officials.

President Trump still owns his company but it is being run by his two adult sons, Eric and Don Jr., while he is in office. The $2 trillion stimulus package enacted last month blocked entities owned by the president or vice president from receiving a portion of the federal bailout funds.

“While some of our properties may be closed during this pandemic, the Trump Organization, and all that we stand for, remains very much open!” Eric Trump tweeted on March 31. “We cannot wait to welcome you back home!”

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The Trump Organization did not respond to requests for comment on Wednesday about the rent payment or whether it planned to seek any relief from its financial obligations.

A Palm Beach county official involved in administering the Trump Organization leases, Ray Walter, wrote on April 3 that Ed Raymundo, director of finance for the Trump Organization’s Florida properties, had called to ask for wire transfer instructions.

“I think they just wish to put this behind them,” Walter wrote to other county officials, according to a copy of emails obtained through a public records request.

The Trump Organization also said it had paid the roughly $250,000 monthly rent it owes to the federal government for use of the Old Post Office Pavilion, the federally owned building that houses the Trump D.C. hotel. Spokespersons for the General Services Administration, which manages the lease, did not reply to multiple requests for comment. 

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