After gas prices have dropped precipitously over the past week, the idea of storing gas is on the minds of many Americans but should you do it? The answer is probably not and this is why.

Gas prices dropped to a national average of $1.89 on Thursday, down from $2.38 one month ago. AAA reports that the April 9 price was $2.75 last year.

A conflux of low demand due to stay-at-home policies aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus and a recent crude oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia is behind the dramatic drop.

Wisconsin currently has the lowest statewide average at $1.39, followed by $1.45 in Oklahoma and $1.51 in Ohio.


California, where prices are typically the highest in the continental U.S., is now at a $2.92 average, while Hawaii has the nation’s most expensive gas at $3.31.


According to, Oklahoma currently has at least three stations selling gas for 89 cents, but the cheapest gas in the country is at two stations in Wisconsin.

63 Express and 35 Express are located about 15 miles apart.
(Google Street View)

63 Express in Hagar City and 35 Express in nearby Maiden Rock are currently offering a cash price of 79 cents per gallon. A store employee confirmed to Fox News Autos that both stations, which are located about an hour outside of Minneapolis, are under the same ownership.

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