Fox News correspondent Bryan Llenas reports.

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So how is CNN approaching the two most important elected officials in the country in these days of crisis?

At Elected Official One, CNN directs a nonstop barrage of antagonistic questions, along with hostile commentary disguised as questions, plus additional hostile commentary not disguised as questions, for the sole purpose of creating gotcha moments that serve no public-information purpose whatsoever. It’s dog meets fire hydrant.


When dealing with Elected Official Two, CNN brings in . . . his brother. For a nonstop massage of gentle questioning, family banter and general fawning. It’s dog meets other dog’s butt.

We know CNN thinks of itself as the chief public relations officer for the Democratic Party, but usually that just means liberal journalists pushing liberal talking points.

When it’s time to interview maybe the most important elected liberal Democrat in the entire country, CNN might want to make it a little less obvious than sending the gov’s own little brother to hit him with questions such as, “You’re the man right now. Why is that?”(March 23) or “Governor, it is good to remind people that they are just coming to love you now as much as I have my whole life, and it’s because of your commitment to what you do for other people. It’s what matters most to me about you, and I love you very much. Thank you for coming on the show, and thank you for keeping my spirits up” (April 8).


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