But can the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee spit it out? Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo investigates on Friday Follies.

New York Times writer Amy Chozick, a veteran of presidential campaign trails, doesn’t think Joe Biden is doing well trying to campaign amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Nothing beats traveling the country and talking directly to voters. Still, you can imagine that the right candidate could do exactly that very effectively via social media. I don’t think Joe Biden is that candidate,” Chozick told Fourth Watch editor Steve Krakauer as part of his interview series.


“He has released videos, podcasts, etc, but they don’t seem to be breaking through,” Chozick added, noting that younger Democrats such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have figured out ways to use social media to their advantage.

“I also think there might be something democratizing about this. It’s a privilege to have the time to wait in line and go through security to attend a rally… but anyone can watch an Insta video. I’m not saying this replaces the traditional campaign trail, but it could hugely amplify it,” Chozick said.

Chozick also criticized Trump’s coronavirus task force briefings and the reporters who cover them, calling journalists who live-tweet the briefings while simultaneously calling for networks not to air them “a parody of political coverage.”


New York Times writer Amy Chozick, who covered Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful run for the presidency, doesn’t think Joe Biden is the right candidate to reach voters through social media. 

“They’re performative for President Trump and they’re performative for the reporters who seem so eager for their own viral moment. To be honest, I find it all pretty pointless given the scope of human tragedy unfolding right now,” Chozick told Krakauer. “I also find it all so boring and predictable – kind of like our daily life in quarantine. Oh, this again. The briefing ends and then there is the wave of Twitter outrage from both sides.”


Chozick was the lead Times reporter on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and admitted in her book, “Chasing Hillary,” that she cried following President Trump’s victory. She is now working on a TV series based on a group of female reporters covering a candidate.

“Politics is just the backdrop, but it’s really about women and ambition and female friendship. I like to say that politics is to our show the way football was to ‘Friday Night Lights’ in that hopefully you’ll love the characters and their emotional journeys even if you’re not that into politics,” Chozick told Krakauer.

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