New York Times report says operatives helped spread messages claiming Trump administration would deploy national guard to enforce nationwide quarantine

Beijing has denied broader claims that it is involved in misinformation campaigns

If you spent a lot of time online last month, you probably remember seeing panicked messages claiming that the Trump administration was preparing to deploy the national guard to enforce a nationwide Covid-19 quarantine.

Such fake messages were shared widely via text and on messaging services like WhatsApp in March, usually originating from a person who claimed their aunt or cousin works in the Pentagon or for the CIA. 

Now, US intelligence officials believe that Chinese agents were partially responsible for sharing the fake warnings far and wide to spread panic, according to a new report from

Citing six unnamed US officials who work in six different unnamed agencies,

reports that Chinese agents are engaging in a global disinformation campaign surrounding coronavirus at the direction of the highest levels of Chinese government, including the viral messages last month.

But details of the disinformation campaign remain shaky – it is not clear where the fake text messages originated, and two sources told

that Chinese agents helped spread the messages but did not create them.

It is also unclear how Chinese agents contributed to the “hidden viral” text messages, which were largely spread through private channels like direct messages and WhatsApp chats rather than in public forums.

The Chinese foreign ministry denied

report, and foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian has disputed broader claims that China is involved in misinformation campaigns, calling it “political manipulation” by US officials.

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