Footage released by the Russian Ministry of Defense showed a string of khaki-colored Kamaz trucks veering into the training compound in the city of Pozarevac. After disembarking, the servicemen in full protective gear sprayed the buildings’ interiors with a disinfectant.

The soldiers worked hand-in-hand with Serbian chemical defense troops, who took it upon themselves to decontaminate an area adjacent to the training center. 

Russian military medics have worked in close cooperation with their Serbian colleagues as well, having examined and treated at least 500 coronavirus patients since their arrival in early April.

The disinfection mission at Pozarevac was overseen by the Serbian Defense Minister, Aleksandar Vulin, who heaped praise on the Russian medics, saying that they have proven there are “no unsolvable tasks” for the Russian armed forces.

They shared their experience with us and very often replaced our doctors in the most dangerous areas of work, and thus helped not only patients, but also our doctors.

Upon a request from Belgrade, Moscow shipped in 87 servicemen, 16 pieces of military equipment and a batch of personal protective gear to Serbia three weeks ago. The country has so far reported some 6,900 confirmed Covid-19 cases, with 130 deaths.

The Russian military reported that the troops deployed on the Serbia mission have so far cleansed a total of 81 sites across 14 cities, including in the capital, Belgrade. Some 170 structures and buildings covering about 820,000 square meters were also disinfected. 

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