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NANJING — East China’s Jiangsu province will give tourists discounts on ticket prices of scenic spots to spur tourism consumption that was hit hard by the novel coronavirus, local authorities said.

Starting from May 1, Jiangsu will offer a month-long ticket price discount of no less than 10 percent on public tourist sites across the province, according to the provincial development and reform commission.

Scenic spots are encouraged to reduce charging fees for recreational facilities, including ropeways, cable cars and pleasure boats, the commission said, noting that domestic medical workers can enjoy year-long free travels to Jiangsu’s State-owned tourist sites after the epidemic ends.

The province also encourages tourist spots to collaborate with local hotels and restaurants through launching package tours to attract more tourists with reduced travel fees.

Jiangsu’s Suzhou city, which has various go-to spots for tourists, has issued a notice that 53 A-level scenic spots, including some UNESCO world heritage sites in the city, will offer a 50 percent discount on ticket prices from May to June this year.

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