Former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone talks to Tucker Carlson after judge denies his bid for a new trial.

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Longtime President Trump associate Roger Stone, who was sentenced earlier this year to roughly three years in prison for making false statements and witness tampering, said in a podcast released Thursday that he’s “praying” for a pardon from the president — repeating a claim that his punishment would be a “de facto death sentence” because of coronavirus.

Stone appeared on the “Morano Whenever” podcast on AM 970 The Answer with host Frank Morano, who is an ally of Stone’s, for a wide-ranging conversation that included talk of Stone’s faith, his hope for a pardon from President Trump, whether Stone thinks he did anything wrong and the flamboyant political operative’s taste in pizza during the coronavirus quarantine.



“I’m very concerned,” Stone said on the possibility he could have to go to prison next Thursday without a pardon from Trump or an exception from the government because of coronavirus circumstances. “I’m 67 years old. I had very very severe asthma as a child. There was actually a point at which they didn’t know whether I would make it because I couldn’t breathe. Therefore I have some damage to my lungs.”

He continued: “If you look at the profile of those who are most at risk, I think I fit that.”

Stone went on to list a number of examples of what he considers “the double standard of justice,” including that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was released from federal custody because of the coronavirus, as was Trump’s enemy Michael Avenatti, while he is still required to report to serve his sentence in less than a week.

Stone made similar comments on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” last week, in the immediate aftermath of the gag order that had been placed on him in regard to his case being lifted after a judge denied his motion for a new trial.


“At 67 years old, with some underlying health problems, including a history of asthma, I believe with the coronavirus it is essentially a death sentence,” Stone told host Tucker Carlson.

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson last week denied Stone’s motion for a new trial because of an apparently biased juror, meaning that although an appeal remains possible, Stone will likely need to report to prison next Thursday.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic could delay Stone’s arrival in prison, however, and Trump has long criticized Stone’s prosecution as unjust — raising the possibility of a presidential pardon.

Morano, on the podcast, played a clip of Trump lambasting the investigators who put Stone in jail, and said, “It’s safe to say you’d hope for a pardon, right?”

“Let me put it more precisely, Frank, I am praying for a pardon,” Stone responded before detailing some of his spiritual journey, including time spent with evangelist Franklin Graham renewing his Christian faith.

Morano also pressed Stone to say whether or not he believes he did anything wrong in his case.

‘Let me put it more precisely, Frank, I am praying for a pardon’


“Understanding that you don’t believe that you did anything criminal here,” the host said, “do you think that you did anything that was wrong, anything that was improper now that you’re a more devout Catholic these days, something that you wish you hadn’t done?”

“I used public information and information that came from a source that I believed. That’s called politics,” Stone said. “That’s not what I was accused of for two years. I had no contact with any Russians other than the Russian that was sent to me by the FBI as an informant to try to entrap me.”

When asked further if he had regrets about his behavior in the past, Stone seemed to indicate he did not.

“How would we know that Donald Trump was not going to get control of his own Justice Department and that a special counsel would be appointed in a rogue, hoax operation to take down the president of the United States?” Stone responded.

Stone was convicted last year on seven counts of obstruction, witness tampering and making false statements to Congress, although none of the charges related to any conspiracy with Russia. Instead, Stone was charged with lying in relation to inquiries into possible collusion.

On a lighter note, Morano asked Stone about how he has been handling the coronavirus crisis, which has kept most people in their homes, unable to go to restaurants or other typical social gatherings.

‘Joe Bruno … once told me that no matter what it is essential that you do 100 pushups a day, even if you do them in four sets of 25. It is essential because it works all of your upper body parts’

“It is essential in this period that I try to stay in good condition,” Stone said, noting that gyms are closed in most places. “[Former New York Senate Majority Leader] Joe Bruno, who is a very great man, who was himself tortured by the Justice Department over nothing … once told me that no matter what it is essential that you do 100 pushups a day, even if you do them in four sets of 25. It is essential because it works all of your upper body parts.”

Stone said he was doing pushups, as well as crunches, cardio and pull-ups.

Additionally, Stone said he was trying to avoid overeating and noted that there is a good pizza place near his home that is his go-to. He also said he should be invited to review pizza with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, calling himself “one of the world’s foremost experts on great pizza.”

Fox News’ Gregg Re contributed to this report. 

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