The construction of its steel convention and exposition center was officially kicked off on Monday in Shanghai, China Baowu Steel Group announced.

The project calls for restructuring and renovating the site of an old blast furnace in Shanghai’s Baoshan district into a modern convention and exposition center. It is scheduled to complete construction and start operation by October, according to Wang Jiming, president of Baoland, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Baowu that focus on industrial property development and operation.

“While maintaining its industrial features, the 59,000 square meters area will adapt to its new positioning of international conventions, cultural exhibitions, information releases, product showcases and business,”Wang said.

The convention and exposition center underscores the effort of China Baowu in pursuing industrial restructuring and upgrading, and it will also serve as an experience center of China’s steel culture and China Baowu’s brand and culture as a whole.

“Shanghai is the cradle of China’s modern industry, and it is one of the most developed areas for its steel industry. Such a steel industrial legacy will be developed into a new landmark of Shanghai,” said Chen Derong, chairman of China Baowu Group.

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